Sona Rainbow Cardiac Care Centre

Name - Mrs. Manjeet Kaur

Age - 68 yrs / Female , Agra

Date of Procedure - 30th April 2017


Indra Pal Singh - Son of Mrs. Manjeet Kaur was very satisfied and pleased with quick service and treatment.
Dr. Praveg Goyal was very kind and took the responsibility and started the treatment immediately , all nursing staff and doctors stayed up until the condition was stable.
Sona Rainbow Cardiac Care Centre has a very kind and soft spoken team.

Sona Rainbow Cardiac Care Centre

Name - Mr. Irfan Khan

Age - 58 yrs / Male , Shahganj , Agra

Date of Procedure - 13th October 2016


Very good care was taken at the hospital.
24 hrs availability of professional team of doctors and staff.
Quick discharge was given.
I am doing well because of life saving efforts by Dr.Praveg Goyal.

Sona Nikop Heart Care Centre

Name - Mr. Savant

Age - 60 yrs / Male, Jhasi, Tal - Maan, District - Satara

Date of Procedure – 30th April 2016


Dr. Shirish (M.S.) Hiremath performed my angioplasty at Sona Nikop Heart Care Centre, and so I did not need to travel for treatment to Pune.
Hospitalization was excellent, staff, doctors & services were very good.
Angioplasty was done at an affordable cost.
I am doing very well and following up with regular checkup every month.


Name - Mr. Arjun Kamble

Age - 58 Yrs / Male / Pune

Date of Procedure – 16th October 2012


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