FDA Approves Medtronic's Resolute Drug-Eluting Stent Platform for Treatment of Chronic Total Occlusions

DAPT Study: Extended Treatment After Stenting Lowers Stent Thrombosis and Heart Attacks

Drug-Coated Balloons in STEMI ‘Safe and Feasible’ in Specific Circumstances: REVELATION

Correct Medication After Stenting is Key to Preventing Thrombosis (Blood Clots)

5-Year Data for IN.PACT Drug-Coated Balloon in SFA Show Improved Outcomes Over Standard PTA

FDA Approves Medtronic's Resolute Drug-Eluting Stent Platform for Treatment of Chronic Total Occlusions

Pursuing Training in Structural Heart Interventions: Q&A With Mario Gössl, MD

Large, US Study Supports Single High-Sensitivity Troponin I Test for Suspected Acute MI

Study: Similar Outcomes for 6 vs. 12 Months of DAPT for STEMI Patients Treated with Medtronic's Resolute Integrity Drug-Eluting Stent

Hypertension From Top to Bottom: Don’t Ignore Diastolic BP

FDA Approves HeartFlow FFRCT: Non-Invasive Method for Determining Coronary Ischemia

US Data Convey the Scope of Bleeding in Lower-Extremity Peripheral Interventions

Ischemic Events Worsen Long-term Cognitive Decline

Women Have Higher Risk of TAVR-Related Pericardial Complications

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Drug-Eluting Stents Are Safe

Heart Disease Treatment With Angioplasty and Stents

Medtronic IN.PACT™ Admiral™ Drug Coated Balloon Receives FDA Approval to Treat Long SFA Lesions

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