Sona Cardiac Care (SCC) is a chain of Speciality Cardiac Intervention hospitals created for the sole purpose of treating people suffering from cardiac disease with utmost care & compassion. Each hospital is a centre of excellence in Non-invasive Cardiology, Coronary Interventions and Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery. The SCC model works in collaboration with existing secondary care facilities at various places in India. We fit in seamlessly in the hospital workflow, simultaneously maintaining our unique tertiary care identity.

At each centre, SCC manages the entire project from inception to first patient. During the operation phase, the complete day-to-day management is handled by a team of administrative experts, allowing the cardiologist to focus on clinical excellence and commitment to patient well being. Sona Cardiac Care is committed to offer comprehensive cardiac treatment services with professionalism and utmost patient care. We offer a wide spectrum of cardiovascular and pulmonary services from prevention, treatment, surgery, rehabilitation & beyond up to home care. We strive for the prevention and treatment of heart disease, through science & contemporary technology and promote the concept of holistic wellness. This includes health education, lifestyle advice, rehabilitation etc.

On board at every SCC unit, we have deployed an experienced faculty of super specialists and driven by higher end imaging capability.Our pursuit of excellence in cardiac care, coupled with a patient-centric approach leads to faster recovery of the patients. We at sona cardiac care are driven by state of the art equipment with cutting edge technology.


Be the leader in providing gold standard healthcare of the highest quality, accessible and affordable to all.


We are committed to provide personalised Cardiac Care of the highest quality with professionalism & compassion, through the most experienced and the finest minds in clinical cardiology, equipped with the latest technology at all our centres and expand our services across the country by setting up more centres of excellence in Comprehensive Cardiac Care.


Treat everyone – Patient, Relatives, Visitors, and Colleagues with dignity and politeness.
Observe highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility.

We provide end-to-end quality medical care of International Standard for speedy recovery.
We treat patients and family members with sensitivity, care, concern and empathy in a patient friendly environment.

Our team of doctors, executives, nurses, technicians et al work together as a seamless unit with a patient outcome centric approach.
We ensure quality patient care and use resources appropriately. We believe in professional responsibility for all our decisions and actions.

Enhancing the lives of those we serve, through the creative ideas and unique abilities as well as talents of each employee with the help of advanced technology.

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